It’s called a “J-O-B” for a reason

When I’m asked for advice, I usually confine my answers to three simple replies.   But for question, “Can I hit on somebody at work?”, I’m making an exception….

You should NOT hit on your coworkers.  

Yes, yes. You have follow-up comments.  Allow me to address those..

  1. “Surveys say of people meet their [whatever] at work!”

A survey also said polls are biased, so…


2.   “But where am I supposed to meet people for teh romance?”


 Let me help you…

 Try a dance club…


 …or a book club…


…or online…


 …or shopping


 …but NOT at work. Because you should be, you know, working.


 You’re paid to do your job. I’m pretty confident that your job description doesn’t include creeping on your colleagues.


3.  “But s/he seems totally in to me!”


 This next part may just…

 …but what if s/he is NOT into you? What if they’re just being collegial? You know, because you’re colleagues?  What if s/he expects to be treated as a competent professional and not as the object of your desire?



Advice dispensed by @DrRubidium



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