During the latest #IsisVsTomasson, Tomasson touched on whole science-as-utopia idea…

One thing that I used to think was science was above all these social issues we’ve been discussing… I thought science transcended all of this identity politics…

There are people that believe science is above all the bullshit. Because science is facts and reason and shit, so scientists are totally above bullshit of any kind.  Scientists have achieved a Utopian State Of Bliss which non-scientists can only dream of.

To those science-as-utopia people, I say this:

Come join us in the real world.

living in fantasy land

Science is an endeavor. Done by people. You know, people.  The same people that can be bigots and assholes.  There is no Science Gatekeeper keeping bigots and assholes out.

you shall not pass

ScienceLand, like everywhere else, has bigots and assholes.  If you’re not seeing the bigotry or assholeness, maybe – just maybe – it’s because it’s not directed at you.  It’s directed at others so they are fully aware of their otherness.  If you’re not sensitive to the bigotry and the assholeness, maybe – just maybe – you’re not sensitive enough rather than others being too sensitive.

We scientists are not above the bullshit.  We are in it up too our motherfucking eyeballs. Just like everybody else.




Fantasyland image from here
You shall not pass image from here
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