FFS: PETA has lost its damn mind

It’s a sad day for movie director David R. Ellis.  His gory movie street cred is taking a beating and the assailant is PETA.  Yes, that PETA.  

Ellis’ latest flick, Shark Night 3D, had this movie poster:

Image from http://bit.ly/rkW28N

PETA’s ad:

Image from Deep Sea News http://bit.ly/qp3q01


In an M. Night Shyamalan twist, it’s the PETA ad that’s gory!  It’s the people for the ethical treatment of animals that have the offensive ad!  

I totally didn’t see that coming….

…and I should have!  Lately, PETA’s been going with shock-and-awe campaigns (see @kzelnio‘s post over at Deep See News).   PETA seems to have ditched reason for fear.  When did that happen?  

Imaginary PETA board meeting in the imaginary past…

“I just don’t think our logical and compassionate arguments encouraging the ethical treatment of animals are working.”

“Let’s terrify people into treating animals better!”

“Sounds good.  Should we go with sharks?”


“I never liked sharks anyway.  They’re all bitey.”

Sounds absurd, but how else do you explain PETA’s bias against sharks?  They’re animals too and they’re facing a serious threat.   But PETA doesn’t seemed concerned about that.  No, PETA has decided to paint sharks as the villains of the sea.  I expect that kind of bullshit from Hollywood.  I expect better from PETA.




Editorial Materials & MethodsmThis post was written with equal parts coffee, sarcasm and irritation at PETA.

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