Dollar Cost Averaging And The Many Benefits

Dollar cost average investment concept. Business metaphor

Dollar Cost Averaging And The Many Benefits

Trading has seen a lot of changes ever since technology started being an integral part of it. While many took time to adjust with online trading trends the trading bots started appearing. And now there are many of them like the Crypto CFD Trader. It is easy to find a full review of all these trading bots online. These bots make the work of the trader much simpler and they are best suited for those who would like to trade during their busy days. Consider those situations when the available funds are limited, those are the times when the options like investment in dividends and ETFs come in handy. Another approach that many recommend is the dollar cost averaging. This is something that can benefit even the investors with a large capital.

Dollar cost averaging for beginners

Not everyone starts investing with a large capital at hand. In fact, the very purpose of starting an investment is to be able to earn more money and to make your money earn better profits. Slow and steady investment strategies like dollar cost averaging work pretty well with the investors who are still new to investment and for those who have very little funds available.

Dollar cost averaging is where you decide on the amount you want to invest. You would be investing this amount on a regular basis say every month. The time of investment would be equally spaced out. Then you would be picking a suitable security to invest in and the number of assets bought here would depend on the money that you have planned to invest regularly. The price of the security may rise or fall but that would not influence the amount you have to shell out.

Benefits of dollar cost averaging

  1. Small funds are enough to start investing

Even when you have a small capital say just a $100 you would still be able to start investing. All you have to do is to pick a low priced security. This is a great way to build your funds slowly.

  1. There are no emotional biases

The market movements and the price changes would not influence the decisions you make. Without the emotional bias, you would be investing the same amount every single time.

  1. The average is neither too low nor too high

As the average in the given period swings close to the price trends, you might get very little profits but that also means that the losses are reduced.

This is a technique that even the beginners can easily adopt and there are no complicated strategies involved in making decisions.

Can You Become An Investor When You Have Very Little Money To Start With?

Can You Become An Investor When You Have Very Little Money To Start With?

You must have heard enough about the need for a reliable investment plan. Many are of the conception that investment is for those who have the time and the money to do it. When you have the funds but no time then there are bot advisors in the market. For trading, there are the trading bots like the Crypto CFD Trader and for other types of investments, there are robot-advisors available. Read a full review of the chosen bot to understand what the bot does and what you would have to do as an investor.

When you have the funds but in no time you could trust the bots but what could you do when you have no funds? Can you start investing when you have no money, to begin with?

Good old days of filling up your piggy bank

Remember those days when you used to gather every penny you find in your piggy bank? That is one reliable way which remains relevant even with the grownups. Have a secret place to stash all your extra cash. It doesn’t even have to be currency notes- even those miniscule balances you save after shopping could be saved. These baby steps can help you save a tiny fund for beginning your investment journey.

Low investment mutual funds are available

When you have a sudden accumulation of funds, say an increment or a bonus then you could choose low investment mutual funds. These require very little initial investment and they have pretty decent returns. Once your profits accumulate in your account you can then use the earned amount to further increase your investment capital.

Do not ignore the power of dollar cost averaging

This is where you decide a fixed amount to invest and ignore the share price. You keep investing in regular intervals, depositing the same amount every single time. There are many that use this method to buy ETFs and affordable index mutual funds.


Dividend reinvestment plans have existed for a long time. These are beneficial for the low budget investors. When you invest in dividends the number of shares you own matter the most. The price of the share doesn’t influence the profits. So when you own a number of shares you can expect higher payouts. This payout can then be used to buy additional shares and you keep increasing your profits.

These are a handful of methods that investors adopt when they are running tight on their budget.


What Makes Cryptocurrency The Best In The Market?

What Makes Cryptocurrency The Best In The Market?

Cryptocurrencies have been used by millions of people in the world over now. It is an ensuring reality that we earn profits from these sources in a big way. The trend of investments from cryptocurrencies and their profits have been surging beyond expectations. Life has taken twists and turns in the financial domain. It has tangled the economic crisis the world over. Out of sheer confidence, one can say it is the cryptocurrency that is going to change the way in which economy functions in the era that follows. Let us see some of the factors that make it the best in the market.

Factors that signify the uniqueness

  • Never can someone deceit it. All the transactions are stored globally in a common public ledger. The identities of the owners of the currencies have been encrypted to a great extent that it is completely secure in all aspects. As the currencies are decentralized, there is no institution to own it or take complete control over it. The transactions happening in the digital wallets are calculated on an accurate balance. Every single transaction is checked for its genuineness. These are all achieved by means of blockchain


  • Easy usage is a real reason. It is very easy to get yourself completely into trading cryptocurrencies. A smartphone or a laptop with internet connection enabled is all that you need.


  • Gained accessibility even in remote locations. It is a hard reality even now that there are remote locations where people cannot gain access to traditional financial systems.


It is fairly now understood that cryptocurrencies are the best in the market to invest, trade and earn profits. But how do we get closer? Auto trading robots is a solution. Crypto CFD Trader is the best in its class. People have questioned the existence and asked is Crypto CFD Trader a scam. It is to be noted that all the crypto robots have to pass through certain certifications to ensure that it is completely secure in all aspects of it. It is considered valuable as it has been ensured to produce great results in a big way. It has the autopilot mode wherein we will have to give the responsibility to trade to them completely. We can use the manual mode when we are fully acquainted with the concepts and experiences gained throughout the usage.

Alternatives to Weekend Trading

Alternatives to Weekend Trading

Ever since weekend trading was introduced, people are busy trying to benefit from it in the all possible ways. However, some people do not want to trade on the weekends and this is because:

  1. They feel they are left with fewer trade options during the weekdays
  2. They are not comfortable with the weekend trading hours
  3. They are unable to find suitable trade brokers in their preferred slots

Hence, if you fall in any one of the above-mentioned categories and do not want to spend your weekend hours trading on stock markets or bitcoins using the Crypto CFD Trader, then you could try out some of the below mentioned productive ways to spend your weekend, which will help you perform better over the week.

  1. Invest in education – One sure shot to success in the trading world is to stay updated. You need to be aware of what is trending, what is new, what are the new strategies, and so on and so forth. Hence, spending your weekends fruitfully by gaining some new knowledge and fresh information regarding the trading world will help you perform better over the week. You can enrich yourself in several ways. One is by taking up a good trading course. Several online trading courses conducted by professional traders and analysts are available these days that will help you learn new strategies and predict market trends. Second is by gaining information from books. Once again, numerous books and e-books are available on trading that will help you add value to your current trading skills. The third is gaining knowledge from podcasts. You can always find a good audio cast that speaks volumes on certain assets and strategies that have been recorded by trading experts.
  2. Analyse past performances – Most often, you do not have time to analyze your past performances but what you do not understand is that an analysis of past performances is the best way to predict the behavior of the future markets. Hence, you can use the weekends to carry out back testing manually by simulating different market environments from the past where you can test different potential trade strategies.
  3. Evaluate present conditions – While you are trading five days a week, there is no time to stop and think. Hence, the weekends present a great opportunity for you to step back, evaluate your current strategies, and identify mistakes. This will help you to create a new plan for the upcoming week. You can also use this time to tweak your current risk management strategy and find out areas for improvement.
  4. Plan and prepare for the future – Lastly, you could spend your weekend planning and plotting your next strategic move for the week ahead. You could also use this time to identify new opportunities and upcoming events, which may affect your trade decisions in later in the week/month. For example, you can follow many of the available economic calendars to mark important dates, such as when the next new policy reform is due or when the market is anticipating another regulation. Accordingly, you can make changes and modify your trade plan to cater these events based on future market conditions.

Advantages Of Trading During The Weekends

Advantages Of Trading During The Weekends

Trading has raised the bars with different types of trading including binary trading, automated trading, cryptocurrency trading using the Crypto CFD Trader, weekend trading, and much more. It is almost as if everyone can take a bite of the stock market’s profits. However, all these trading activities come with certain pros and cons. This article will briefly discuss the benefits of trading during the weekends and how weekend trading can help you earn a little extra.

  1. It allows the traders to trade more by providing them with more time to trade, which in turn will generate more profit. While trading was only reserved for the weekdays, weekend trading has provided an opportunity for many traders and other part-time traders to spend more time trading, thereby increasing their chances for seeking greater opportunities.
  2. It offers flexibility. Today, the world is becoming more and more flexible in order to accommodate the growing demands of the people. For example, a working mom takes up a job that offers a flexible job so that she is able to manage both her professional and personal life. Similarly, weekend trading offers flexibility to those who need the extra time for trading. For example, some people may choose to trade on the weekends because their nature of work or lifestyle does not permit them to trade during the weekdays, while others may take advantage of the weekend trading to earn more profits, more than what they have achieved and accumulated over the week. Hence, weekend trading gives you the choice to choose your own trading hours.
  3. It is friendlier towards simple strategies, meaning that while certain trade strategies will help you to earn bigger profits during the weekdays that experience a high influx of trade, certain other strategies will help you to generate more profits in a much better way during the weekends. For example, the Asian stock markets or the markets of the Gulf countries behave quite differently when compared to those markets of the western countries. Thus, this helps the traders to play their hand strategically in many different ways in different market conditions.
  4. It helps you to focus better on trading. For some weekdays are hectic and cramped with busy schedules and other commitments throughout the week. Hence, for such people, the weekend is a good break that removes all unnecessary distractions. Lesser distractions will help you to focus more on your task, thereby weekend trading will help you to focus on the trade better and help you earn better profits because you will able to concentrate better and make the best trading decisions.

Cryptocurrency A Virtual Currency

Cryptocurrency A Virtual Currency

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed for exchanging currencies which uses cryptography for the secured and safe transactions. These are decentralized as there is no central banking system. The safety, integrity and ledger balance is maintained by a group of parties know n as “Miners”. They validate and timestamp the transactions using a computer. Most cryptocurrencies are designed just to reduce the production of that currency. Cryptocurrencies are more difficult for seizure when compared with the ordinary currencies, which are cash in hand.


Cryptocurrencies are used outside the banks and government and they are exchanged only through the internet. They have the capacity to challenge the banking system and payments. The total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is higher than 278 billion USD and it is recording a very high volume of more than 500 billion USD as of April 2018. The cryptocurrency trading can be done with the help of the Crypto CFD Trader software.

Benefits of cryptocurrency:

There are many benefits to cryptocurrency. They are listed as follows.

  1. The fund transfer between two parties is very simple and easy. The transfers are facilitated through the use of public and private keys for security.
  2. Minimal processing fee for transferring fund and it stops the people from paying service fees like other banks.
  3. It uses an online ledger to store all the transactions between the parties.
  4. The transactions are very safe and the information cannot be hacked by anyone as there is no central bank interference.

Limitations of cryptocurrencies:

Though there are many benefits, there are few limitations to this.

  1. It does not have a central repository as they are virtual.
  2. A digital cryptocurrency balance can be easily erased when the computer crashes and there is no backup copy for the things.
  3. The currency rate will fluctuate since the prices depend on the supply and demand.


There is a cryptocurrency wallet which stores the public and private keys or addresses used to receive and spend the cryptocurrency. It is possible to write in the public ledger with the private key and it is possible to send currency to the wallet using the public key.

Transaction fees:

The transaction fees for cryptocurrency is based on the supply of network versus the demand from the currency holder. Cryptocurrency exchanges simplify the process for currency holders by providing priority alternatives. The transaction fee for ether corresponded to $0.33 and for bitcoin, it was $23, in December 2017.


Thus conclude this topic that they are suited mainly for the societies without a well-developed financial infrastructure, as they are not dependent on any central banking. It just requires an internet connection. The cryptocurrencies will become a great influence in the market after five years. They have the capacity to replace all government currencies in the future.



Position trading benefits for the forex traders

Position trading benefits for the forex traders

Trading can be very profitable if you adopt the right strategies. If you are looking to cut down a portion of your work there are convenient trading bots like Bitcoin Trader. You can learn more about it before you invest real money into your account. Once you have started your trading journey, there is a lot to learn in order to stay updated. There are many ways to make profits in trading. It could be either short-term small gains or long-term large gains.

Position trading

This is the strategy where you hold on to your position and wait to make profits in the long run. The long-term trading could extend to months or even years. The most important benefit here is that you would not have to worry the least bit about what happens overnight in the market or with the tiny market fluctuations. This is a strategy that is found to be particularly beneficial in the forex market. Here are some of the most pronounced benefits of choosing to opt for position trading as a forex trader-

  1. No place for emotional decisions

Some of the forex traders are heavily influenced by the market news. This might result in an early exit in several situations. Position trading avoids such occurrences and increases the chances of making larger profits. Given that patience is the best tool to earn the best trading opportunities position trading is a great option for forex traders to avoid emotional decisions.

  1. Suitable for the busy traders

Not all traders rely on trading as their full-time profession. So managing forex trades along with a full-time career might be a little tedious. In such situations adopting a position, trading can turn out to be advantageous. With position trading, it is the initial time you spend that matters. This time is spent to identify the currency pairs that are likely to make a large profit in the long term. Once you have held your position you can carry out with your profession and get back when the price targets are met. In the end, there is very little stress to handle as well.

  1. Overnight market changes do not impact the position traders

Day traders and position traders are both immune to the temporary changes that happen in the market after the market closes. Long-term impacts are what position traders really look at.

Position trading, day trading or any other trading strategy for that matter can be fine-tuned to suit one’s financial and trading goals. It is the implementation of the strategy that determines the success rate.

Why Only Trading The Bitcoins Is Not Sufficient?

It is very unlikely that you are not smitten by the cryptocurrency bug as everywhere the talk about it is going strong. Yes, from the online world to the offline world, the people can’t stop gushing about the cryptocurrencies, especially after discovering their astonishing benefits that are needed very much for this technological world. Naturally, after learning the benefits, you cannot stop alone with your gushing praise and you would certainly be eager to own them by resorting to the trading activity, as several automated cryptocurrency investment systems have started appearing in the market. To know about one such reliable trading bots, this Crypto VIP Club review would certainly be of help!

Thus, although these trading bots make your trading and investment activities always profitable many of you fail to explore the world of cryptocurrency and rather restrict to the pioneer Bitcoins, which is not at all advisable. Yes, although the Bitcoins are very popular and highly-regarded, trading only them is not sufficient, which can be better understood by the following significant factors!

  • Portfolio Diversity

It is always important to have a diversified trading portfolio, especially if you are planning to take up this activity as your profession. Yes, you can’t claim yourself a cryptocurrency trading expert, unless and until you have explored the world of cryptocurrencies and therefore, consider trading the altcoins, along with the Bitcoins for a brighter career!

  • Protection against the volatility

Cryptocurrency is a nascent field and therefore, the bubble environment surrounding it is all understood and acceptable. But, it is not acceptable to lose your hard-earned money in the name of trading the cryptocurrencies, especially which is possible in this volatile situation surrounding them that can be counterbalanced by choosing to trade or invest in different cryptocurrencies rather than sticking only on to the Bitcoins.

  • Amplifying profits

Due to the bubble nature of the cryptocurrencies, you can’t be so sure of the success and even though you can achieve one it can’t be very greater with single investment choice like the Bitcoins. Therefore, start also concentrating on the Altcoins like the Ethereum and the Litecoin that are slowly, yet, steadily gaining popularity to amplify your profits, satisfactorily!

  • Better Knowledge

It is predicted that the cryptocurrencies are the future money and hence, it is necessary that you learn as much as possible about them, which can happen conveniently when you plan to trade or invest in more than one of them. Yes, since your hard-earned money is involved in the trading practice, you make sure to know every detail surrounding them that would make you a knowledge-house of the cryptocurrencies!

Change Your Financial Status with Crypto VIP Club

In the recent past, there has been a significant revolution in the digital currencies and has become extremely lucrative for investors. It is a promising form of investment especially for those investors who believe in unconventional and innovative forms of investment. Crypto VIP Club promises its investors to be a simplified and steady income generation tool.

This automated trading robot is not very old and has been designed to make automated or independent investments in virtual currencies like Ethereum, Litecoins, bitcoins and much more. This system has received an immensely positive response from all its users and has become one of the top-rated automated trading robots dealing in cryptocurrencies.

You might wonder if is it a scam, but it is in fact 100% legitimate and safe.

Why choose Crypto VIP Club?

One of the biggest perks of this system is that it has been designed such that it suits the needs of both experts as well as newcomers. Newcomers will find that the interface of this system is especially simplified and uncomplicated. So navigation around the system is easy.

The other advantage is its autopilot method; the system is enabled to make highly skilled market analysis and predictions. Based on this information the system automatically reinvests your funds into lucrative looking deals. The efficiency of the system is so high that it has a high success rate.

The system takes just a few minutes to set up and after a hardly any steps your account is ready, and the autopilot mode does all the other hard work. The system requires almost no effort on the part of the investor and so it is an ideal form of cryptocurrency investment even for inexperienced users.

No downloading or installation

The Crypto VIP Club is completely web-based software, and so there is no need for any downloading or installation. It can be accessed from any computer, unlike other software that can be accessed only from the computer where it was installed.

Is the signing up procedure complicated?

It is anything but complicated. All the user needs to do is sign up on the official website of Crypto VIP Club. This does not take longer than a few minutes and a few relevant questions. Once the signing up procedure is completed the next step is to deposit a small amount anything around $250 into the account of a trusted broker. This is not any kind of fees but in fact is the money used to execute trades on behalf of the investor.

The system on its own does not charge any fees or does not have any additional charges or hidden costs. Once the amount is deposited your account gets activated and trading can begin immediately.







Cryptocurrency CFDs Vs Conventional Cryptocurrency Trading

Looks like the initial hesitation towards the acceptance of cryptocurrencies is slowly fading away, as many bigwigs like Abby Johnson, CEO, Fidelity, VikramPandit, former CEO, Citi have started publicly praising it, which means these cryptocurrencies are more than just being a fad and therefore, the change indeed is inevitable in the monetary world! Now, the question is, how well prepared are you to accept this change? To simply put, do you have any investments in the name of cryptocurrencies? If not, then, we are here to educate regarding two of the most realistic ways to venture the cryptocurrency investment/trading practice, understanding which you can decide your own course of actions suiting you and your expectations out of the practice!

The cryptocurrency investment can be accomplished using either of the below-two convenient ways

  1. Cryptocurrency CFDs
  2. Conventional Cryptocurrency Trading or Cryptocurrency Purchase

The Analysis

  • The concept

In cryptocurrency CFD practice, a trader never owns the underlying asset, here the cryptocurrency, instead, an agreement is made between him/her and the broker to act upon the price differences of the then and the future, which when happens in the predicted way offers the benefits to the trader. Therefore, the trader is exempted from safeguarding the asset in this practice, thankfully!

In the conventional practice, a trader actually buys or physically owns the asset and therefore, safeguarding is his/her prime concern.

  • The Term

The cryptocurrency CFDs are more suitable for short-term operations, as the concept here is to act upon the favorable price movement.

Whereas, in the conventional cryptocurrency practice, buy to hold or the long-term operation is the best and therefore, the trader need not worry about the fluctuating market situations so deeply!

  • Leverage

The CFD is a leveraged product, which means for the amount you own as the capital, you are allowed to venture the worthier trading market that boosts your profitability greatly during a favorable market situation. But, at the same time, during an unfavorable scenario, the losses incurred will also be heavy and therefore, while choosing your leverage option you should be cautious.

In a conventional cryptocurrency trading practice, there is no concept of the leverage, which means you have to possess the entire capital to venture the suitable trading market, any day!

  • Skill required

When you choose an automated cryptocurrency CFD platform, no extraordinary trading skills are required to produce the profitable results, assuredly. But, the only thing you have to check here is, is it a safe trading platform or a scary scam to avoid losing your precious money.

The same holds good even for the conventional cryptocurrency trading/investment approach.

Thus, these both practices have their own merits and demerits and choosing the suitable one is specific to the individual trader’s preferences, any day!