Can You Become An Investor When You Have Very Little Money To Start With?

Can You Become An Investor When You Have Very Little Money To Start With?

You must have heard enough about the need for a reliable investment plan. Many are of the conception that investment is for those who have the time and the money to do it. When you have the funds but no time then there are bot advisors in the market. For trading, there are the trading bots like the Crypto CFD Trader and for other types of investments, there are robot-advisors available. Read a full review of the chosen bot to understand what the bot does and what you would have to do as an investor.

When you have the funds but in no time you could trust the bots but what could you do when you have no funds? Can you start investing when you have no money, to begin with?

Good old days of filling up your piggy bank

Remember those days when you used to gather every penny you find in your piggy bank? That is one reliable way which remains relevant even with the grownups. Have a secret place to stash all your extra cash. It doesn’t even have to be currency notes- even those miniscule balances you save after shopping could be saved. These baby steps can help you save a tiny fund for beginning your investment journey.

Low investment mutual funds are available

When you have a sudden accumulation of funds, say an increment or a bonus then you could choose low investment mutual funds. These require very little initial investment and they have pretty decent returns. Once your profits accumulate in your account you can then use the earned amount to further increase your investment capital.

Do not ignore the power of dollar cost averaging

This is where you decide a fixed amount to invest and ignore the share price. You keep investing in regular intervals, depositing the same amount every single time. There are many that use this method to buy ETFs and affordable index mutual funds.


Dividend reinvestment plans have existed for a long time. These are beneficial for the low budget investors. When you invest in dividends the number of shares you own matter the most. The price of the share doesn’t influence the profits. So when you own a number of shares you can expect higher payouts. This payout can then be used to buy additional shares and you keep increasing your profits.

These are a handful of methods that investors adopt when they are running tight on their budget.