JAYFK Timeline: Penis size research kerfuffle

It seems like a NIH version of May’s NSF funding kerfuffle is a brewin’!  While the NSF kerfuffle’s poster child was shrimp-on-a-treadmill, the NIH’s kerfuffle poster child is penis size.  More specifically, the research presented in the Archives of Sexual Behavior article The Association between Penis Size and Sexual Health among Men Who Have Sex with Men.  

I’ve just started looking into this penis size research kerfuffle and there are two things I find interesting. One,  the kerfuffle instigator and the kerfuffle timeline.  The instigator is the Traditional Values Coalition, who say they conducted a…

six-month investigation of NIH grant applications based on publicly available information and tips from NIH employees uncovered more than half a billion in grant monies paid to researchers to conduct bizarre projects such as measuring the penis size of homosexual men and asking individuals to mail in their toenail clippings. [excerpt from TVC’s NIH Wastes Millions on Bizarre “Research”]  

Here’s the kerfuffle timeline I’ve hodgepodged together….


What does it all mean? Will there be a full-blown kerfuffle? My eye is on the timeline’s future events…


JAYFK Editor-in-Commandant

Editorial Materials and MethodsmAfter reading the Jezebel post (see Additional Reading), I started drinking (coffee), tracking down the research paper and articles on said research paper.  Given that the article came out in 2009, it struck me as interesting it hit the news in 2011. 

Additional Reading

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