Feynman Excuses Bingo!

This is a special guest post from @AstroKatie and @DrMRFrancis

After Ash “The Curious Wavefunction” Jogalekar wrote a mostly-good-before-veering-into-WTF-territory post on Dr. Richard Feynman, a few of us took the time to patiently explain exactly what was so dickish about Dr. Feynman. Our criticism based on documented facts – and Feynman’s own words – irritated the Feynman Fanboys™ so much that they turned out in droves to tell us Exactly How Wrong We Were to talk about The Great Man That Way.

Well…. why should all the Feynman Fanboys™ have the fun?  Using actual comments on our blogs and tweets in our social media streams, we’ve created the Feynman Excuses Bingo Card. Play along with us!

Feynman Bingo

The problem of Richard Feynman

Heroes, human “foibles”, and science outreach

Feynman is not my hero

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