We can’t have a female Doctor Who because BULLSHIT

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you know two things:

  1. The Red Wedding went exactly how it sounds
  2. Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who

Let us focus on #2. And by focus on #2, I mean let us focus on the next, shiny new Doctor.

For years, Whovians have been wondering when we’re going to see a Doctor of Color and/or a Lady Doctor.  Wonder no more on the Lady Doctor! We won’t be seeing a Lady Doctor.  Because Doctor Who is “a family show”.  Because, as Russell T Davies explains

While I think kids will not have a problem with a female Doctor, I think fathers will have a problem with it.

That’s because they will then imagine they will have to describe sex changes to their children.

Well, we wouldn’t want dads to have challenging or awkward conversations with their kids.  Because explaining time travel, what up with the Daleks being so pissed at us all the time, those creepy stone angels, why people drop like flies around the Doctor, and how the Doctor can regenerate (albeit to only white dudes?) to kids is A PIECE OF CAKE.

Seriously, how did these poor dads explain the whole regeneration thing?  “Hey kids, all white guys from the UK are basically interchangeable so don’t be freaked out and it’s totally cool.”

The mind reels to think of these dads explaining how the Doctor is now a man of color. Oh wait…




Image of the Doctors from wikipedia

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