Fat PhD had enough willpower to write dissertation, just in case you were worried

Dr. Geoffrey Miller, a evolutionary social psychologist at the University of New Mexico, voiced a bit of concern over fatty would-be PhD students yesterday…

Hold on to your butts!  I was fat in graduate school.  I was fat when I was going to class and doing research.  I was fat when writing my dissertation.  I was fat when I defended my dissertation.  When I graduated, I grabbed my diploma with both of my fat hands.  I’m fat now.  Know what else?

I have a fucking PhD, bitches!!!!!!!!

Amazingly, when not scarfing down Doritos and Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream, I managed to do all the shit required to get a doctorate in chemistry. You know, chemistry, one of those hard physical sciences.

Also amazingly, there were other fatties in my graduate program. They too got PhDs! It’s almost as if fatness has nothing to do with PhDness…. something Dr. Miller seemed to sorta, kinda, maybe, perhaps recognized after twitter blew up in his face.

Somebody’s been consulting the apology flowchart. How nice!



Editorial Materials & MethodsmA massive amount of carbs was consumed while writing this post and absolutely no willpower was utilized.

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