Is Mosaic the Abercrombie & Fitch of gaming?

If Ponce De Leon couldn't find the Fountain of Youth, odds are a Mosaic sales rep won't either.

Mosaic Sales Solutions, in their quest to sell Kinect and Xbox products, is accused of demanding the one thing from its sales staff they can’t provide – eternal youth.

Channeling Abercrombie & Fitch, Mosaic told their managers what to look for in sales rep applicants.

Engaging personality, fun, brand ambassador image, think ‘Favorite Camp Counselor’, youthful, a personality you are drawn to as well as professional & well groomed.  No visible distractions… these reps will representative of Microsoft and Mosaic at retail and should reflect the Kinect and Xbox image.  [source]

Sales staff that is engaging and professional?  Sounds standard. “No visible distractions”?  Whatever could they mean? Clearly, job killers are a “no”.  Wonder if my freckles are “visible distraction”?  Small children have been known to proclaim, “Mom, why does that lady have spots all over her face?!”  My hair has LOTS of personality, perhaps that’s a plus?  Also on the plus side, I’m female!

Mosaic suggests “[f]emale young adults are a perfect fit” for the position of Kinect Demonstrator.  SWEET! Mosaic is committed to hiring women.  Well, young women.  (To demo a gaming device most associated with exercise, but I digress…)

Time is running out for me to work as a Kinect Demonstrator.  I’m well into my third decade and Mosaic is all about hiring the under-forty set.  But actually being under forty isn’t enough for Mosaic – you’ve got to look youthful.  Mosaic Kinect Demonstrator applicants had to submit a photograph.  Which is exactly what Pam Boyer did when she applied for a Mosaic Kinect Demonstrator job back on October 1, 2010.  Here’s what Boyer says happened next…

Mosaic initially informed Plaintiff [Boyer] that she was hired.

However, based on Plaintiff’s age, which is apparent from the photograph submitted with her application, Mosaic chastised the Territory Manager who hired Plaintiff and decided that Plaintiff could not be hired.

On or about October 4, 2010, Mosaic informed Plaintiff that she had been hired in error, and that she could not be hired. [source]

Is it possible that Boyer got un-hired because she didn’t have that “Favorite Camp Counselor’, youthful” look?  Boyer thinks so.  Back in October 2010, she filed a complaint with the Missouri Commission on Human Rights (MCHR) accusing Mosaic of individual and class-wide age discrimination.  In July of this year, the MCHR gave Boyer the green light to sue Mosaic and Boyer filed her lawsuit last month.

Is Mosaic the Abercrombie & Fitch of gaming?  Is Mosaic’s view of what will sell Kinect and XBox products totally off the mark – or is it what potential buyers want in their sales staff? I’m a buyer and what I want in a sales rep is a professional that knows the product.  But I’m old, so what do I know?




Editoral Material & MethodsmGiven the author’s advanced age, she had to take a nap during the writing of this post.


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