Are you man enough to host this natural history show?

Remember the good ol’ days when the only thing you needed to host a nature show was one of these?

Well, your field vest won’t be enough to land you the job of Natural History Host of [unnamed show on an unnamed cable channel].  To get this job, you’ll also need to have maleness and a “rugged field look”.  You know, like this guy…

OH WAIT.  That guy is British.  Our host job posting says “light or no accent”.

We better read read that job posting a little more carefully….

Basically, to get this hosting job, you’ve got to be this guy…

…but, of course, like snakes.  Good luck finding your host, unnamed show on an unnamed cable channel!




Editorial Materials & MethodsmThe author thanks @bug_girl for alerting the twitterverse to this job announcement.  


Image of Bear Grylls from here
Image of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones from here
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