Athlete sued for selling magic jewelry

Image from Brett Bros. site

Hall of Fame baseball legend George Brett, through his company Brett Bros. Sports International, Inc., sells jewelry “for any player or active sports fan” that will…

…relive stiffness in the shoulders and neck, eventually stabilizing your whole body, as well as help recovery from sports fatigue, restore important ion balance, and improve concentration and focus. [excerpt from here]

Wow!  Sounds like magic!  

It’s actually total bullshit.  According to a new class action lawsuit, Brett Bros. magic jewelry claims are also a violation of the Iowa Consumer Frauds Act.

Brett Bros. gear isn’t the first magical sports jewelry that’s been revealed to be total bullshit.  Power Balance products are all the rage and all nonsense.  Hell, even Power Balance admitted their products were a scam.  Time will tell if Brett Bros. will make a similar admission.



Editorial Material & MethodsmNo magical jewelry was worn during the writing of this post.  



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