Make a New Year’s resolution to support vaccines

The most popular New Year’s resolutions deal with an individual’s health.  Let’s include herd immunity in our list of resolutions this year.  

How do we support herd immunity?  One way is to fight against the misinformation spread by antivaxxers.  Another way is to support the JAYFK Holiday Vaccine Drive by buying measles vaccinations for children through the Red Cross.

According to the Red Cross, measles kills an estimated 450 people EACH DAY worldwide and most of those are children.

For less then the cost of a New Year’s eve night out or that New Year’s resolution gym membership, you could vaccinate dozens of children.

  • vaccinations for 25 children: $25
  • vaccinations for 50 children: $50
  • vaccinations for 100 children: $100
  • vaccinations for a village: $500

This New Year’s eve antivaxxers will continue to misinform the public with a new ad in Times Square on a 5000 square foot screen.  Fight back against antivax misinformation by speaking the truth about vaccines.  Put your money where your mouth is by buying measles vaccinations for kids.

 Click here: JAYFK Holiday Vaccine Drive




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