Super Committee is 100% Chemical-Free

Being a member of the US House of Representatives or Senate is typically a full-time gig.  Being a congressional member is also, usually, a second (or third or fourth or…) career. That’s right!  Congressional members typically do not spring forth fully formed politicians.

A congressional member’s previous career is always interesting, if only because it indicates their area of expertise and/or interest.  A member’s background is even more interesting if they’re a Super Member, i.e. a member of the newly formed “Super Committee“.

What I found most interesting about the Super Committee is that it’s 100% chemical-free.  Just kidding!  We all know how ridiculous the phrase “chemical-free” is.  The Super Committee is chemist-free.  And physicist-free.  And biologist-free.  And mathematician-free.  Hell, it’s 100% scientist- and engineer-free.  I don’t know about you, but this makes me nervous.  How will science funding fare in this committee?


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Editorial Materials & Methodsm Previous careers and degree earned were collected from biographies available on each members’ website, other government websites or alumni websites.  If a member’s career history was comprised entirely of elected positions, their previous career is listed as “politician”.  During the production of this post, the author enjoyed a few cups of coffee.

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